West Corporation
Jun 15, 2011

Intrado Acquires Contact One

Combination Speeds Delivery of Next-Generation 9-1-1 Geographic Information System Applications and Services

LONGMONT, Colo., June 15, 2011 - Intrado Inc., a subsidiary of West Corporation and a leading provider of 9-1-1 technology solutions, today announced the acquisition of Contact One, a leader in integrated 9-1-1 geographic information system (GIS) data management solutions for public safety.

This key expansion of its GIS service portfolio allows Intrado to provide customers with a graphical Master Street Address Guide (MSAG) management tool. This transaction also enables Intrado to deliver enhanced dispatch mapping support, which is critical to saving lives in an increasingly mobile world. Additionally, the collective GIS expertise of the two companies allows Intrado to offer expanded enterprise mapping and data services for 9-1-1.

Contact One's innovations in public safety GIS applications combined with Intrado's frontline experience in integrated solutions for 9-1-1 provide an important step in the evolution and advancement of next-generation 9-1-1, with services that:

  • Give public safety more powerful tools through tighter integration of E9-1-1 and GIS solutions.

  • Provide the most advanced combination of GIS with native 9-1-1 systems and operations on a common, IP-based platform.

  • Deliver the logical next step for public safety agencies to respond to the evolving challenges of expanding mobile communications

"In a world where every second counts, public safety will benefit from the combined vision, technology and innovation of two prominent industry leaders in E9-1-1 data and GIS data management solutions," said Dami Hummel, vice president and general manager of the Intrado Mobility Division. "This transaction enables Intrado to add key products to our growing suite of solutions, while gaining a stronger strategic presence in this important market."

"Joining forces with Intrado is the catalyst to unleash a more tightly integrated GIS management systems and GIS database solutions," said Contact One CEO Jerry Merlick. "Together, we will better meet the needs of public safety clients and accelerate the transition to next-generation 9-1-1."

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