January 13, 2003

"Rrring!" It’s Barbie® Calling!

With the Launch of Barbie Call TimeTM, Girls Everywhere Can Receive a Personalized Phone Call From Their Favorite Friend - Barbie®

EL SEGUNDO, Calif. (January 13, 2002) - Who's that on the phone? It's Barbie®, calling girls everywhere with personalized phone messages to help celebrate special occasions. Like most girls, Barbie® loves to talk on the phone to all her friends and now girls can be on the other end of the line to listen to a pre-recorded greeting from Barbie®. Whether it's to say "Happy Birthday," "Happy Holidays," or just "hello," Barbie® has expanded her relationship with girls to include being a phone pal!

Available exclusively on Barbie.com, Barbie Call TimeTM is a unique new offer from the Barbie® brand that will further engage girls in Barbie® doll's world. The line offers an array of pre-recorded voice message categories, call scheduling options, and even some personalized greetings from Barbie® that include the girl's name. The time, date and location of the call can be specified for either the same day or up to one year in advance. A customized call from Barbie® can reach any telephone or mobile phone in the U.S. and Canada (except Quebec).

"Barbie® plays such a large role in the lives of girls that a call from her to personally wish them a 'happy birthday' or 'good luck' on an upcoming spelling test will be fun, unexpected and inspiring to them," said Christina De Rosa, Vice President, Girls Interactive Group, Mattel. "Barbie Call TimeTM further extends Barbie® doll's role as a friend to girls who provides support and encouragement."

With six different call categories to choose from (Party Invitations, Happy Birthday, Holiday & Seasonal, Bedtime, You Can Do It! and Congratulations) and a variety of sub-categories within each, there is a call for every occasion. Starting at just $1.99 each, a pre-recorded call from Barbie® is an ideal way to send a special gift.

The six call categories offer the following occasions to choose from:

To create the program, Mattel has entered into an agreement with UVOX Networks, Inc., the world's first telephony broadcasting network, to co-develop and distribute Barbie® Call TimeTM. Under the terms of the agreement, Mattel will develop all creative content and produce Barbie® doll's entertaining and empowering voice messages, while UVOX will provide a turn-key business solution that includes customizing its proprietary telephony technologies in order to produce, maintain, update, deliver and track Barbie Call TimeTM telephone calls.

About UVOX

UVOX Networks, Inc. is the world's first Telephony Broadcasting Network that provides a unique distribution system for premium voice messages over any analog or cellular telephone. The company's proprietary telephony technology and integrated business solutions enable companies to deliver pre-recorded calls to consumers that are user-defined, customized, personalized, localized, and track able. UVOX enabled calls create new revenue opportunities for clients, open direct lines of communication to consumers, and provide entertaining user experiences while strengthening brand recognition and loyalty. For information please visit www.uvoxnetworks.com.

About Mattel Girls Division

Since the Barbie® doll's launch in 1959 as a paper doll inspired friend, she has firmly established herself as the most popular fashion doll ever created. For more than four decades, Mattel has maintained Barbie® doll's popularity by adapting her look, lifestyle and fashions to meet changing times while evolving her world into an overall lifestyle brand for girls. While the Barbie® Brand represents Mattel's initial roots in girls' toys, the girls division has several best-selling brands including American Girl®, Diva StarzTM, What's Her Face!TM and Polly Pocket!®. A natural extension of the brands to the online world, Mattel's Girls Interactive Group provides girls of the 21st century a new way to interact with their favorite toys through web sites and licensed Mattel-branded interactive software and video game titles.

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