October 1, 2000

Fisher-Price® Brands Bring "Disney" Magic To This Holiday Season

Fisher-Price<font size=-1><sup><font size=-1><sup>®</sup></font></sup></font> Brands Bring "Disney" Magic To This Holiday Season (NEW YORK, NY) October 2000- Fisher-Price® Brands bring the magic of Disney to the playroom this holiday season with all new fun and exciting toys for play and learning.


Thanks to Talk ‘n Skate Mickey and Minnie, in-line skating has never been so fun! With an easy-to-use remote control, Mickey and Minnie go round and round while saying playful phrases. Kids can also make Mickey and Minnie skate forward and backward and watch their heads and hips sway while funky music plays. Mickey and Minnie are dressed in cool, yet protective skating gear. If they happen to "wipe-out," they will ask for help to get them back on their feet. (2 years+/July)


With Tuney Bopper Mickey and Minnie, kids can sing and dance with their favorite Disney friends. Raise Mickey's harmonica or Minnie's flute halfway to hear each character sing and if kids raise the instruments to their mouths, the instruments will light up and twinkle as music plays. Mickey sings to the tune of "The Wanderer" and Minnie sings to the tune of "Rockin' Robin." (18 months+/Now)


Featuring Mickey and Minnie dressed in adorable pajamas, these lovable characters crawl while playing one of six melodies. A fun stop and go action encourages children to crawl after Mickey and Minnie to activate them again.

And best of all, these Musical Touch 'n Crawl friends have an extra surprise. When activated, Mickey's hat and Minnie's bow feature blinking lights. These adorable, soft Disney Babies giggle and coo, too! (9 months +/August)


Now kids can "talk" to their favorite Disney friends with their very own, sleek cell phone. This cool phone features two modes of play. First, kids can press down on the antenna to hear the phone ring. When they push the "talk" button, the screen on the phone will scroll to show kids that their most favorite Disney friend, Mickey, is calling. In the second mode, kids press one-of-four colored buttons, which feature a picture of one-of-four different Disney friends, and a dialing sequence will be heard and the phone will ring. Kids will hear one of their favorite Disney friends come on line with a special message. (18 months +/July)


With the new Lights and Sounds CD Player, kids can now "rock out" with their favorite Disney friend, Mickey Mouse. Featuring three removable CD's, the Lights 'n Sounds CD Player plays twelve songs from three different musical styles - Hip Hop, Rock 'n Roll and Alternative. Kids can speed up a song by pressing the fast forward button and they can release the "CD" by pressing the eject button. (18 months +/June)


Featuring Mickey with his workbench and Minnie with her basket of flowers, kids can learn colors, numbers and shapes with their favorite Disney pals. Mickey's workbench helps teach kids colors and numbers and Minnie's basket of flowers helps teach kids colors and shapes. Both Mickey and Minnie talk and will encourage children to play along. When a child presses a nail or flower, Mickey or Minnie will interact with the child teaching basic learning skills, and ask him or her to play again. (2 years +/July)

For more information about Disney Toys by Fisher-Price, consumers can call 1-800-524-TOYS (8697).

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