February 12, 2004

Barbie® Doll Makes A Singing Debut In The Fall Release Of "Barbie™ As The Princess And The Pauper"

World's Leading Girls Brand Produces Fourth Entertainment "Hit," Draws Girls In With First Movie Soundtrack, Singing Dolls, Interactive Plush Feline and Branded Merchandise

EL SEGUNDO, Calif. (February 12, 2004) - Girls and moms alike will be "singing" the praises of Barbie® doll's first ever musical feature this fall, "Barbie ™ as the Princess and the Pauper." Now in her fourth year on the small screen, Barbie™ will take on her most demanding role, not only making her singing debut, but also starring as both leading characters - Princess Anneliese™ and maiden Erika™ - in Mattel Entertainment's twist-of-fate tale.

"As musicals continue to make their mainstream comeback, we felt it was a natural evolution for Barbie™ to reach for new, lyrical heights," Russell Arons, Vice President, Mattel. "We also know that girls love fantasy, romance and happily ever after endings, so this movie magically brings all of those elements together in perfect harmony. "

Beyond the computer graphic imaging (CGI) animated film, girls will be intrigued by an entire line of products including, for the first time ever, a movie soundtrack with seven original songs featuring the "voice" of Barbie™ and friends. New technology in both the dolls and their plush companions will also bring movie time into real life play time. Adding to the list of musical firsts, the Princess Anneliese™ and maiden Erika™ dolls can perform a duet while the princess' loyal plush feline, Serafina™ will employ watermark technology to "intelligently" respond to key moments in the movie and sing along to an audio CD.

Barbie ™ as the Princess and the Pauper Video and DVD

Continuing the tradition established in Barbie® doll's first three movies, the brand will expose girls to classic fairytales through characters and music they can relate to. "Barbie™ as the Princess and the Pauper" teaches girls about hope, self-discovery and the strength of love. This classic tale received a modern-day makeover and is played out through the amazing technology of CGI animation.

In the movie, Barbie™ plays the dual roles of the fair-haired Princess Anneliese™ and the raven-headed Erika™. Each girl is yearning for a different life, and when their paths cross, a beautiful bond of friendship develops. Together, along with the pampered French feline Serafina™, and confused cat Wolfie™, who thinks he is a dog, the girls set out to stop a plot to harm Princess Anneliese™ and her kingdom.

The tale is peppered with other rich characters, including the mother, Queen Genevieve; the queen's evil advisor, Preminger, and his greedy dog Midas; King Dominick™ of a neighboring kingdom, whom Queen Genevieve has arranged for her daughter to marry; Julian™, the Princess' tutor who she truly loves; and Madame Carp, the cranky woman who owns the dress shop where Erika works to pay off a family debt.

Barbie™ as the Princess and the Pauper Soundtrack
Part of the magic of "Barbie™ as the Princess and the Pauper" is the enchanting music sung by Princess Annaliese™, Erika™ and the other characters. This soundtrack features seven original songs from the movie, capturing all of the pitch-perfect tunes.

Barbie® as the Princess and the Pauper Dolls and Accessories
Girls can continue the magic of "Barbie® as the Princess and the Pauper" beyond the excitement of the movie with themed dolls and accessories.

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