Executive Officers

Image of J.W. Marriott Jr. †

J.W. Marriott Jr. †

Executive Chairman and Chairman of the Board
Image of Arne M. Sorenson †

Arne M. Sorenson †

President and Chief Executive Officer
Image of Bao Giang Val Bauduin †

Bao Giang Val Bauduin †

Controller and Chief Accounting Officer
Image of Anthony G. Capuano †

Anthony G. Capuano †

Executive Vice President and
Global Chief Development Officer
Image of Bancroft S. Gordon

Bancroft S. Gordon

Vice President, Assistant General Counsel and
Corporate Secretary
Image of David J. Grissen †

David J. Grissen †

Group President
Image of Carolyn B. Handlon

Carolyn B. Handlon

Executive Vice President-Finance
and Global Treasurer
Image of Deborah Marriott Harrison

Deborah Marriott Harrison

Global Officer, Marriott Culture and Business Councils
Image of Alex Kyriakidis †

Alex Kyriakidis †

President and Managing Director
Middle East and Africa
Image of Stephanie C. Linnartz †

Stephanie C. Linnartz †

Global Chief Commercial Officer
Image of Amy C. McPherson †

Amy C. McPherson †

President and Managing Director
Image of Kathleen K. Oberg †

Kathleen K. Oberg †

Executive Vice President and
Chief Financial Officer
Image of Laura E. Paugh

Laura E. Paugh

Senior Vice President
Investor Relations

Tricia A. Primrose

Executive Vice President and
Global Chief Communications and Public Affairs Officer
Image of David A. Rodriguez †

David A. Rodriguez †

Executive Vice President and
Global Chief Human Resources Officer
Image of Edward A. Ryan †

Edward A. Ryan †

Executive Vice President and General Counsel
Image of Craig S. Smith †

Craig S. Smith †

President and Managing Director
Asia Pacific

† Executive officer as defined under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934

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