January 29, 1998

LookSmart To Power Erols' Category Search

LookSmart to Power Erols' Category Search ISP leader is the latest partner to leverage LookSmart's product

San Francisco, CA, January 29, 1998 - Erols, one of the top ten Internet Service Providers in the United States based on dial-up subscribers, has chosen LookSmart to be the primary web directory for its 293,000 users. LookSmart Limited, an Internet publishing company providing category-based World Wide Web navigation services to hundreds of thousands each day, will add its 16,500+ subject categories to Erols' "Search the Net" page. This latest agreement follows two other recently announced LookSmart partnerships, one with the @Home Network and another with Digital's AltaVista.

"I tried many of the leading search engines myself. LookSmart was the easiest to use and it's category search delivered better results than the competition. I'm convinced that their category-based structure and editorially reviewed site descriptions make it much easier to find relevant search matches," said Orhan Onaran, Erols President. "Plus, LookSmart's ability to integrate its dynamic content architecture with Erols' interface allows us to keep a familiar look and feel while adding this powerful new search capability for our customers."

Erols, purchased this week by RCN Corporation, is an established ISP leader and one of 85 ISPs leveraging LookSmart's flexible content architecture to provide category-based search capabilities to its growing number of customers. With a dedicated editorial staff reviewing and listing Web sites in over 16,500 categories daily, LookSmart provides up-to-the-minute briefs on every site they list to assure site quality and clear classification.

"We are honored that an ISP like Erols, with such a strong tradition of superior customer service, has entrusted LookSmart to provide its users with a better quality search experience," said Evan Thornley, CEO and co-founder of LookSmart. "Early on, based on our personal frustration using keyword searches that took us in circles, LookSmart recognized a real need for a new kind of online search tool. That frustration fueled our vision to create a new kind of search model based on intelligent editorial review and classification, coupled with proprietary technology that delivers accurate content to the user, faster and more efficiently. It's satisfying that Erols sees it the same way." Thornley also added that strategic partnerships, such as the one with Erols, combined with LookSmart's 80 percent repeat visitor rate, have led to a ten-fold increase in LookSmart's traffic over the last four months.

About LookSmart
LookSmart Limited, an Internet publishing company providing category-based navigation services on the World Wide Web, is the world's largest editorially reviewed database of web content with over 16,500 categories. LookSmart's unique cascading menu interface provides users with fast, intuitive access to a wealth of highly relevant online content, and provides advertisers with targeted media opportunities within a higher quality editorial environment. Current LookSmart partners include Digital's AltaVista, @Home, Compuserve, Netscape, Microsoft, BigFoot, Desktop News, and over 85 ISPs, including Erols. LookSmart incorporates a unique "syndicated and distributed" strategy allowing partners to co-brand with LookSmart's product or seamlessly blend its content into an existing interface. The company is headquartered at 600 Townsend Street, San Francisco, California, 94103. LookSmart is the premier provider of navigation services for Netscape in Australia and the UK. LookSmart can be reached by phone at 415-437-3820 or experienced at www.looksmart.com.

About Erols Internet
Erols Internet, Inc., is today one of the largest, most reliable, and fastest growing Internet Service Providers in the country supporting 300,000+ subscribers. As a provider of Internet access, Web development, and Web hosting services, they employ an inclusive marketing strategy that combines TV, radio, and print advertising, as well as the operation of 25 interactive mall kiosk locations. Erols also provides a complete array of value added services to the business market, including: ISDN, Frame Relay, and T-1 connectivity, online commerce, Web creation, Web hosting, Web site design, online advertising, and domain registration. With over 30,000 newsgroups, Erols receives the largest newsfeed in the world.

Erols mission is to be the Internet Service Provider of choice by guaranteeing low prices, high-speed connectivity, and unsurpassed reliability. Erols focus on outstanding customer service is a long-standing tradition for a company that began in 1963. More information on the company and its services can be found at www.erols.com.

For further information:
Elizabeth C. Connaghan
Director, Marketing LookSmart
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