July 9, 2001

Jason Kellerman Appointed COO for LookSmart; Damian Smith Appointed CEO for LookSmart Australia

SAN FRANCISCO, July 9 /PRNewswire/ -- LookSmart (Nasdaq: LOOK; Australia: LOK), the global leader in Web search directories, today announced that Jason Kellerman has been appointed as the company's Chief Operating Officer. Kellerman most recently served as CEO for LookSmart's Australian business. Damian Smith has been appointed CEO of LookSmart Australia, having most recently served as Director of Operations for LookSmart Asia-Pacific.

"I'm very pleased to be further strengthening our general management ranks with two proven operational executives," said Evan Thornley, Chairman and CEO of LookSmart. "The creation of a COO position enables us to devote more general management attention to daily operations while freeing CEO resources to longer-term strategic initiatives such as further leveraging our strategic relationships with Microsoft and Cox, and the development of next generation technologies that our customers are telling us they require. Jason has a proven track record in the key revenue operating role in the U.S. and a very successful general management record as leader of our Australian business. Damian has demonstrated strong line management and strategic skills in both product and revenue roles and will now step up to this general management assignment."

Kellerman joined LookSmart's San Francisco team as Director of eCommerce in March 1999, and later headed the Company's revenue management team where he tripled revenue per page (yield) during a 13 month period. Kellerman oversaw the advertising operations group and worked with all other groups within the company on revenue initiatives before becoming CEO for LookSmart Australia in July 2000. While CEO for LookSmart Australia, Kellerman built revenues from the new listings products to over 35 percent of total revenues in the last 12 months, while moving the business strongly toward profitability and halving losses, despite an environment where the industry was suffering a major correction. Prior to joining LookSmart, Kellerman was a principal at Mercer Management Consulting. Kellerman graduated from Princeton University with high honors in a Bachelor of Science and Engineering.

Smith joined LookSmart in June 1998, and has since worked closely with LookSmart's strategic partners, MSN and BTLookSmart. Smith has an extensive operating background in both product development and revenue generating roles having most recently overseen both the editorial implementation of new listings products and LookSmart's successful acquisition of Zeal Media. Previously, Smith worked for Boral Ltd., focusing on business operations. Smith holds a Masters degree in Public Policy from Harvard University and a Bachelor of Arts from Sydney University.

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