July 21, 2009

Industry news on partnerships, offerings and search analysis


By Edward Barrera

ADOTAS — LookSmart, News ProNet, Health Day, TRAFFIQ, Havas Digital, Helium, RAND Publishing and ChaCha unveiled annoucements.

TRAFFIQ, the online advertising marketplace and management platform that enables ad buyers to plan, negotiate and buy directly from publishers, has announced a spartnership with Havas Digital, an interactive media holding company. Havas Digital will utilize the TRAFFIQ platform to help meet the online ad planning, buying, reporting, negotiation, campaign optimization and consolidated billing needs of its customer base and many others across Havas Digital’s US companies. Agency media planners and buyers at Havas Digital companies will be able to employ TRAFFIQ to post RFPs directly to publishers, create vertical networks and connect with the most relevant publisher storefronts

NewsProNet, a provider of premium video news content to television stations nationwide, announced the launch of HealthDay TV online video news reports through distribution to the websites of hundreds of news organizations, healthcare providers and government agencies, with a combined unique monthly visitor count estimated at more than 50 million.

Helium, an online writing community, today announced a partnership with RAND Publishing, publisher of The Skinny On series of illustrated non-fiction books. Under the partnership, RAND Publishing will leverage Helium's social publishing platform to identify the most appropriate authors for up to twenty-five new titles, such as The Skinny On Finance for Young Adults and The Skinny on Social Networking. Selected writers will be chosen by Helium and paid between $3,500 and $5,000 per title.

LookSmart, a search advertising network and management company, has announced the full release of SmartRotation, a cost-per-action driven tool that automatically serves the best-performing ad creative in an ad group based on conversion data from a tracking pixel. The new tool, a feature of LookSmart's ad rotation, also provides detailed information about which keywords and traffic sources are performing; easy to integrate into online campaign management; and built on LookSmart's AdCenter platform

In an analysis by MSearchGrove, ChaCha, a SMS mobile search service, “proved superior” to two other voice-enabled search options for the iPhone: the Google Mobile App with Voice and Vlingo for iPhone, a voice enabled application that allows users to direct their spoken queries to Google or Yahoo! (For the purposes of this study entitled Pump Up The Volume: An Assessment of Voice-Enabled Web Search on the iPhone, Vlingo provided a spoken interface to the Yahoo! search engine.)

According to the study. ChaCha interpreted natural language search queries, that is, queries asked as questions, accurately in 94.4% of the tests and delivered an accurate search result in 88.9% of cases. By contrast, the Google voice recognition technology interpreted queries accurately in only 16.7% of tests and delivered accurate search results in 22.2% of tests. The Vlingo for iPhone voice recognition technology correctly interpreted queries in 72.2 % of cases and delivered accurate results (via Yahoo!) in 27.8% of tests.

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