JPMorgan Chase & Co.
May 14, 2009

Chase Extends Branch Hours

Average branch to provide customers several more hours of service per week

NEW YORK, May 14, 2009 - Chase announced today that it has or will be extending hours on weekdays or Saturdays or both at 2,465 of its WaMu and Chase bank branches around the country to provide additional convenience to millions of customers. With these changes, nearly half of the company's branches will be open more hours for customers in 19 states.

"Extending our hours is another way we are helping our customers navigate today's challenging financial environment," said Scott Powell, head of Consumer Banking at Chase. "We are expanding hours to match the specific needs of each branch's customers."

In California, 694 Chase branches - or nearly every one in the state - will have longer hours. The branches were rebranded Chase on March 30 and will begin their longer hours June 1.

An additional 904 Chase branches in 14 states have or will add hours, most of them adding at least an hour each Saturday and more than 300 of them open additional weekday hours. Most often, that means extending evening hours by 60 minutes on Monday through Thursday to match Friday evening's hours.

Nearly all of the 867 affected WaMu branches in 12 states are or will be open more hours every Saturday, and more than 500 of the branches have or will extend weekday availability by several hours per week.

With these changes, the average Chase and WaMu branches will be open 50 hours per week. Many of the changes were implemented in April or earlier in the year.

Examples of additional WaMu hours:

Examples of additional Chase hours:

Parent company JPMorgan Chase acquired Washington Mutual's banking operations in 2008 and has been expanding products and services since then. Within a month, Chase opened the combined network of 14,000 Chase and WaMu ATMs nationwide to customers for no-fee withdrawals and balance inquiries. Chase mortgages and home-equity loans are now available at the WaMu branches.

By the end of the year, customers can conduct their business at more than 5,000 Chase branches in 23 states because all former WaMu branches will be branded Chase and be operating on the Chase computer system.

About Chase
Chase is the U.S. consumer and commercial banking business of JPMorgan Chase & Co. (NYSE: JPM), which operates more than 5,000 branches and 14,000 ATMs nationally under the Chase and WaMu brands. Chase has 168 million credit cards issued and serves consumers and small businesses through bank branches, ATMs and mortgage offices as well as through relationships with auto dealerships and schools and universities. It also serves more than 30,000 commercial banking clients, including corporations, municipalities, financial institutions and not-for-profit entities. More information about Chase is available at www.chase.com