Granite's solid financial position distinguishes us among many of our industry peers and provides the flexibility and stability we need to leverage new opportunities.

Granite owns approximately 2,000 pieces of well maintained heavy construction equipment.

Granite shareholders have received a quarterly cash dividend for the past 20 consecutive years.

Corporate Governance

The Corporate Governance Guidelines, along with the Charters of each of the Board Committees and the key practices of the Board, provide the framework for corporate governance at Granite Construction. The Corporate Governance Guidelines and the Charters of each of the Board Committees are available on this website or upon request from the Investor Relations Department.


Corporate Governance Guidelines PDF  57.1 KB
Outlines the roles and responsibilities for the Granite Construction Incorporated Board of Directors.


Board of Directors Nomination Policy PDF  26.7 KB
Outlines the procedure by which Directors may be nominated for election to the Board.


Communications with the Board of Directors PDF  12.3 KB
Outlines the procedure by which Shareholders and other interested parties may send communications to the Board of Directors.


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