The York Water Company [YORW]

Monday, October 25, 2010

Jeffrey R. Hines, P.E.

President and CEO

In 2008 Jeff Hines was selected as the 21st President and Chief Executive Officer of the nation’s oldest investor owned utility, which was founded in 1816. Jeff has been working for The York Water Company for the past 20 years and has served as the Engineering Manager, VP of Engineering, Chief Operating Officer, and Secretary.

Prior to his service with The York Water Company, Jeff served in the US Army Corps of Engineers in the active Army and the Reserves. Prior to his Honorable Discharge, Jeff was deployed to Afghanistan and Kuwait after the terrorist attacks on 9/11.

Jeff has been Chairman of the Pennsylvania Sections of the American Water Works Association and the National Association of Water Companies and currently serves on the Board of the National Association of Water Companies.

Jeff is a Civil Engineering graduate of Bucknell University and received a Masters in Business Administration from York College of Pennsylvania and a law degree from The Concord Law School. He is a Professional Engineer and a licensed water and wastewater operator.