Semtech Corp.

Friday, September 05, 2008

Mohan Maheswaran

President & CEO

Mohan Maheswaran joined Semtech as President and Chief Executive Officer in April 2006. Prior to joining the company, Mohan held the position of Executive Vice President and General Manager at Intersil Corporation. He joined Intersil Corporation through its acquisition of Elantec Semiconductor Inc. in 2002. Mohan has worked for high technology startups such as Allayer Communications which was acquired by Broadcom aswell as multi-national corporations such as IBM Microelectronics, Texas Instruments, Hewlett-Packard and Nortel Communications. Mohan has over 25 years experience in the electronics industry and has an electronic engineering degree from Surrey University in the UK and an MBA from Henley Management College in the UK. Since Mohan Maheswaran took the helm in 2006, he has transformed Semtech’s culture into a customer-oriented, high-growth culture with visions for a “New Semtech.” He has placed great emphasis on a new strategy toward profitable growth, new market focus and dramatically improved execution. He has taken the first steps to transforming Semtech into a value driven, global company and a leader among industry peers. Semtech’s resulting business performance has been extraordinary, achieving record annual revenues in Fiscal Year 2008 of $285M and achieving record quarterly revenues for the last four consecutive quarters and accelerating earnings growth at a much faster rate than revenues.