United Security Bancshares

Friday, October 13, 2006

Dennis R. Woods

Chairman, President and CEO

Dennis Richard Woods was born in Fresno in 1947 as one of six children, educated in the Fresno School system, graduated from California State University Fresno, married, Cheryl, his high school sweetheart, raised two children with her and now serves as co-grandparent to five grandchildren. Both of his children live in Fresno with their families. On their wedding anniversary this year, Dennis and Cheryl celebrated their 39th year of marriage.

Dennis was the original organizer of United Security Bank beginning in 1986, the company opened for business in 1987 and the other founders elected him as chairman, a position he has held since. Being chosen to chair the bank board, even though he was the youngest founding member, is perhaps the most revealing statement about his ethical standards and character and leadership skills. Banking is an extremely regulated and heavily scrutinized industry and his management style and ethics standards have been proven during the last 18 years of operation. He is honest, open, forthright and fair in his dealings with all matters and with all people. In addition to the bank, he has been party to some 40 other business partnerships during his lifetime and in each case, it was he that was chosen to be in charge of the funds. The results of these partnerships and the banking business over these many years have been success after success without a hint of impropriety on any matter.

The bank opened in December 1987 with $6 million in capital. The bank began with one branch and 9 employees and has grown to 10 branches, two administrative facilities and 134 employees all under Dennis’s leadership. Currently, the bank has $670 million in assets, capital is $65 million and a market value of the stock stands at over $260 million. An original investor with 1 share, an investment of $10, now owns 12 shares with a total value of $309, over 3000% return. The bank is one of only two companies headquartered in Fresno listed on a national stock exchange, Gottschalk’s is the only other company.